Mark Kilham

Mark Kilham is a financial advisor located in Munich, Germany


Mark Kilham is a independent financial advisor, currently living and working in Munich, Germany. Mark is well-versed in wealth management, and specializes in retirement planning and QROPS. Over the past several years, Mark has helped his clients understand what it takes to ensure the well-being of their financial futures and how to plan accordingly. Empowering people to take control of their financial futures is what drives Mark’s passion for his work every day.

Growing up in South Africa as the eldest of three sons, Mark developed a sense of competition and independence early on. By the age of ten, Mark ranked nationally as the #1 tennis player for his age group in both Namibia and Botswana. And at the age of 13 he left the comforts of his home to attend boarding school. Though he was a bright student, Mark credits his accounting teacher there for motivating him to focus more in class and instilled in Mark a life-long interest in finance.

Mark Kilham’s first big win in managing investments came at age 17 when he and 3 of his classmates entered a national mock-stockbroking competition, wherein students had 1,000,000 (pretend) rand to invest in stocks and shares in the JSE – South Africa’s largest stock exchange. Students then charted how their “investments” progressed over the subsequent months. Mark and his classmates’ portfolio proved so successful that they each won real portfolios worth 5,000 rand. Mark is quick to point out that this experience, coupled with the encouragement of his accounting teacher jumpstarted his fascination with finance.

For four years, Mark called Cape Town home while attending Rhodes University in pursuit of an accounting degree. However, in his final year at University, a lecturer from Pfizer used story-telling and real world experience so effectively during class, that it changed the course of Mark’s career. Mark decided then and there that his professional aspirations aligned more with account management as opposed to those of a traditional accountant.

Upon receiving his degree, Mark promptly used the remaining funds in his portfolio to obtain a day skipper’s license and spent the following year or so working on boats. In 2010, Mark uprooted and made the move to Europe. It was at this time that Mark met a financial advisor and realized that this was the direction he wanted to take within his own career.

While Mark currently lives in Munich, his tour of Europe included both the South of France and Belgium before his move to Germany.

In his leisure time,  Mark still enjoys playing tennis and has recently become enamored with skiing, and practices flying down the Alps every chance that he gets. Additionally, Mark satiates his wanderlust by traveling around Europe and particularly enjoys trips to Bulgaria with his girlfriend. As an expat living abroad, Mark has organized various events for fellow South Africans living in Germany. As a lifelong wine aficionado, Mark also devotes some of his time to learning about wine and wine distribution.